Award-winning plant-powered organic dog treats


Our Story

Threepaws Gourmet — a labor of love — was founded on Labor Day 2014. Since then I’ve made countless furry friends including “su-paw” fan Gizmo (pictured). When he turned the big 1-4 (72 in Gizmo years!) we were so happy to make his yummiest dreams come true. We’re all about creating loyal friendships and invite you and your pooch to join in our on-going celebration of health and happiness. 





For years my home kitchen served as the production headquarters for this tasty and creative process, with my pup Layla taking her role as “Chief Taste Tester” and “Crumb Control Officer” very seriously. She stayed by my side as I worked late nights, offering confirming tail wags, “droolback” and the happiest of jumps.

Today each treat is hand-crafted with love, passion and compassion by adults with special needs. I’m honored to partner with the local Milwaukee non-profit Eisenhower Center, and honestly, can’t think of a more perfect way to expand what began in my kitchen.

May we all be well treated,

Hannah Anderson, Founder/Owner




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