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Home of our flagship product - Atasco 100% Whole Goat Milk Powder,

a single-ingredient, natural alternative to cow's milk for dogs and cats.


Delamere Dairy started with the founders selling fresh goats' milk and soft cheese

made in their kitchen to local health food stores.

It is located in Knutsford, Cheshire and takes its name from the beautiful

Delamere Forest where the company began in 1985.


100% natural, single-ingredient treats for dogs and cats.

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During a vacation in Japan, we realized that the pet owners there have stopped using chemical-based products for their pets. This started us on a fervent hunt for alternative solutions and technological innovations that can help us resolve common pet skincare problems without the use of chemical and alcohol.


Clean pet care.

Good for pets, people and the planet.


At Pets Truly, we commit ourselves to provide products backed by research and science, priced affordably with no compromise on quality. Simply because we believe all pets truly deserve the best.


Modern. Classy. Affordable.

Inspired by their two sassy and spunky dachshunds Maya The Dox and Winston The Dox,

Sassy Woof was created to deliver a dog apparel experience

that makes your fur-baby feel comfortable and fit for daily use.


Committed to providing the highest quality natural pet food with an emphasis on nutrition, palatability, safety and convenience.


Smart, Proactive Oral Health for Your Pets!


Award-winning plant-powered dog treats that are handcrafted with

love, compassion and passion by adults with special needs.

Who said healthy, organic dog treats can't be tasty and fun?

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